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Q&A with Brianna

One of the best reasons for blogging is the opportunity to network with other bloggers who might have similar interests (or not, but they become your friends anyway). Along the way, you form friendships you may not have otherwise even considered. One way of showing your appreciation to your blogger buddies is by promoting their blogs. Today, I am doing just that. Brianna is a lovely lady who blogs about fashion, beauty, and décor. After you read the Q&A, please go and check out her blog here.

So let’s get started!

RukhparMor: When and why did you start blogging?

Brianna: I started blogging around the beginning of this year. This is my third attempt at blogging. My first couple of times were not successful. I didn’t have or make the time to put anything into it and I didn’t share it with others. It was all private. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to share with the world.

RM: What is your blog about? 

B: My blog is evolving slightly since I began. It began as a Style/ Décor and Beauty themed blog where I share pretty things, give away fun stuff, and meet new people. Ultimately, I would like my blog to be more streamlined and represent my inner “Martha” and mimic the idea behind Real Simple. I do crafts, cook, and decorate. But, I am also very much into styling and beauty advice. So, I would love to merry them all together and offer some posts on each subject per month.

RM: Tell us 3 unknown facts about you.

B: 1. I suffer from depression and anxiety disorders. It has been a constant battle. After much thought, I started seeing a therapist and it has dramatically helped me come to terms with events in my life and move forward. I realize now that I am not crazy. I needed to deal with my problems instead of bottling up emotions and bursting at the seams. I would advise anyone that takes a sudden turn toward moodiness, withdrawal and anxiousness to seek out professional help.

2. I am the oldest child of 5. I have always been quite independent even when I was young and have always acted as the “mother hen” to friends and family alike. I’m bossy and it’s quite annoying sometimes but its just the way I am. People close to me don’t take it personally and laugh with me and endure my silliness.

3. Relay for Life, a benefit for the American Cancer Society is a huge passion of mine. I spend lots of time and energy fundraising and spreading awareness for this cause. I do it in remembrance of my Grandmother specifically and all the other family members I’ve lost to Cancer. Cancer Sucks!

RM: What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?

B: Oh gosh, it’s a scramble. I wake up every morning to several of my husband’s alarms set to really crazy music and then I hear mine and tap on him and if I realize he isn’t there, then I understand that it is MY alarm going off. I worry instantly that I am late, wonder where my husband is (even though he leaves earlier than myself for work) and I start figuring out what I’m going to wear/ how my hair will look/ time for coffee or not? It’s kinda funny really!

RM: What is something you would like to change about yourself? 

B: I really like myself the way I am honestly but I’ve always said I wish I was born with a chin! Mine is non-existent.

RM: What brings a smile to your face? 

B: So many things…. my husband, the life God has blessed me with, children, my cat Plato and every single Cancer Survivor and Patient that I meet while volunteering.

RM: What is one thing you would never joke about?

B: I won’t make jokes or support racist comments. I HATE them. I think they make people look ignorant and unimportant.

RM: Since your blog deals with fashion , is there any fashion tip you would like to give us?

B: Be yourself. Don’t be afraid of who you see yourself evolve into, embrace it and be confident.

RM: What is something you will never be caught without?

B: Lip Products. I guess I’d say I have good lips really. I keep chapstick & several lipsticks and glosses in my purse at all times, each and every single purse too! I find that it’s a great way to change the mood of your outfit, project confidence, and it just lifts my spirits when I have a pretty pout.

RM: What is one thing you want to know more about?

B: I am a nerd for information. I love it! I have become slightly A.D.D. when it comes to research because I enjoy it that much. Whether it deals with the blog, work or Fashion…I become entangled and lost like a good book.  There are so many things I want to know and learn more about, I can’t quite put my finger on just one topic really.

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