Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A year older

I can tell that I’m getting older when I have to wait in a long line at a pharmacy to fill another prescription. It makes it worse that it’s a new prescription, which my doctor recently prescribed for me. This makes it two medications that I’m taking as an otherwise healthy individual (and I’m only 22).

I think I’m one of the few people that can actually feel a year older on my birthday. Four years ago, I was visiting my uncle and his family in San Jose. My birthday happened while I was still there. The day I turned 18, I had pain and swelling along my gums, towards the back of my mouth. I waited for days until my uncle persuaded me to visit a dentist.

When I walked into the dentist’s office, I explained what was wrong and he immediately said, “Those are your wisdom teeth coming out. They are expected to come out at around this age.”

“I’m getting old!”, I shrieked internally.

A year later, at 19, I was visiting the phlebotomist (the person that does the blood work) and fainted after having my blood taken out. I have been to a phlebotomist numerous times before and this has never happened. Ever since that day, I have fainted at every single blood withdrawal and vaccination. I’ve talked to nurses, doctors, and friends. They all say that maybe I’m scared of needles. But how come I suddenly became scared of something that never used to bother me at all?  I secretly think it’s because I’m getting older.

Three years later, while waiting patiently at the pharmacy, I had the same thoughts about my age. Thoughts about the age I used to be and the age that has entered upon me.

But a sudden epiphany overtook me while typing this:

Yes, I am getting old. I am a year older than last year. I will be a year older next year. But you know what? I might be 22, I might look like I’m 26, I might feel like I’m 30 sometimes, but I’m still young at heart. I do act more mature than most my age. However, I’m also much more adventurous, fun-loving, and I am proud of all that I have accomplished in my life thus far (and I didn’t feel conceited while saying that).



^ My pill cutter and medication

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