Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life Updates

8:48pm Pacific Standard Time. Orange County, CA

It’s officially 8:49pm. It took me a minute to write the previous sentence. 8:50pm. Maybe I should ignore the numbers on the bottom right hand side of my laptop. 8:51pm. Arggh, it’s too tempting.

I should be working on my paper right now. I have a physiology lab 9:00am in the morning, which will last for about 3 hours. I have a break for 3 hours and then microbiology lab at 3:00pm. (My paper is for the micro lab.)

I have finals in a week and a half. I have three more papers to write for the micro lab and a quiz next week for the same micro lab. Hopefully, I managed to stress some of you out and you can imagine the painful agony of a once-upon-a-time college life. Unless, you are already in college. In that case, you are probably also going through the same. But, then, it’s also true that college is not the only time of life that is full of stresses. Just thinking about having my own house, paying bills, working hard, and getting older is already stressing me out as well. Maybe I should actually follow my own advice in my last post on Mindfulness.

Since I really really do NOT want to work on that paper, I will update the reader on what’s been going on in my life:

1. I started a new blog:) It’s called “Destination Orange County”. I had decided to post about my adventures at the different libraries/parks that I have been visiting in Orange County and figured that it would be better to have a separate blog for that.

2. I read an article about the prohibited and permitted items allowed into Gaza (not compiled by Gazans themselves) and that made me sad. I wish people everywhere had the freedom to choose what they wanted for themselves and their children. The article was by GazaMom.

3. I got in touch with a blogger named Johanna Hill, who blogs at The Mercurial Wife. She had offered to help makeover her readers’ blogs and I decided to email her. She responded today and that made me very happy. :))

4. This is my last quarter (hopefully..) and I will officially be a Bachelorette (Is that the word?) in Biology:)

5. Sister Umm Afraz had given me a favicon, which appeared next to my blog address. But, since I had been trying to make-over my blog, I lost it. Hopefully, I can get a new one.

Apparently, blogging has become a popular thing. I personally love reading about other people’s lives and business and such. It’s officially 9:26pm and I think I will go to sleep (so much for the paper).

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