What is Rukhpar Mor and what does it mean?

Rukh (Urdu: رخ ) translates as a direction. Mor (Urdu: موڑ) is a word for turn. So, when I say "Rukh par mor", I am using a phrase in Urdu that translates as "a turn in a direction". Basically, I feel like the time has come where I need to take a turn in my life to examine, evaluate, and do something semi-constructive. This blog's intended purpose is to bring together my thoughts and ideas to share with the world.

At Rukhpar Mor, you will find posts by someone who is always at the crossroads, making the decision about which turn to take in her life. I hope to take many positive "turns" in my life to fulfill my dreams. Rukhpar Mor is a blog that attempts to not get too serious, but still provide semi-useful information to readers. The topics for this blog are diverse and there is no specific theme, except that each post aims to either teach the reader something new or give helpful suggestions/advice. Some posts do not fall into either category and are merely for entertainment purposes.

What do I really want to achieve through my blog? 

I want this space to be a place for both teaching and learning. Learning is my primary objective. I want to learn about myself, about people, about different ideas out there, and about the world. Whatever I learn, I want to teach. Thus, through this blog, I will be imparting knowledge that I have gained to others (who might or might not find it useful). Nevertheless, I want to put it out there because there might be someone that will benefit from it. 
I also want to share life experiences-traveling, public speaking, volunteering, outdoor adventures, language learning, etc. 

So far, I have covered some of these topics:
- How to eat with your hand
- Shadowing experience (with optometrists)
- How to use Twitter for Beginners
- Islam/Muslims in general
- Mental health, depression, stress, etc.

In the future, I hope to cover more of these:
- Book Reviews
- Website Reviews
- Product Reviews
- Giveaways (yes, my goal for the future is lots of giveaways!!)

I welcome guest posts on a variety of topics. If you would like to write a guest post for this blog, please email me at rukparmor[at]gmail[dot]com.

Click here to read a post I wrote about myself when I started this blog.

You can also contact me through email, twitter, or facebook using the links on the upper right hand side.

*On a side note: I would like to thank Johana Hill for creating this blogger template*
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