Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I’m Linkin’ it:

gawaahi_2 is a new website aimed at bringing testimonials of every day Pakistanis to the rest of the world. Whether it’s the survivors of last year’s devastating flood, minorities being oppressed, or a Pakistani celebrating her heritage, the website brings it to you via videos, pictures, interviews, articles, etc.

It’s refreshing to see the perspective of those that are actually affected by the events we hear about in the news. “Official” stories do not give us a real insight because it’s not personal. Through, Naveen Naqvi, Nofil Naqvi, and Sana Saleem (founders) bring stories of everyday Pakistanis to you through digital media. These are stories that celebrate and educate. I think it’s a great initiative and I hope to contribute something to this project myself.

Here’s a video found on about a woman named Mangla Sharma. She is the Chairperson for the Pak-Hindu Welfare Council. She talks about protecting the Hindu temples that already exist in Pakistan, as there is a law that prohibits the enacting of new ones.

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