Saturday, September 3, 2011

I’m Linkin’ it:

Just yesterday, I heard a speech promoting frugality in our consumption of food, electricity, water, etc. The speaker mentioned a time when his colleagues went to Germany on a business trip. They stopped over at a restaurant, ordered some food, and then (since they enjoyed it so much and had the money to spend) ordered some more. When they were finished, while they went to pay, an older lady sitting across the room called the police. The police officer fined them a good sum of money. What was their crime? They ordered more food than they ate and the rest was wasted.

Whoa! I didn’t know that existed. Americans are among the top in consumption and wastage, yet we have nothing in place like that. Even in a month like Ramadan, which is dedicated to consuming less food, Muslims in the US aren’t exactly practicing the true spirit of Ramadan.

I remember reading a poem written by a Chinese lower class citizen. One of the lines of the poem mentioned how the emperor had milk spoiling in his reserves while the rest of China was starving. Every time my mom has to throw away milk, that poem comes to mind.

What if there was an incentive to recycling and ‘greening’ our lives? Would more people do their part? That’s exactly what Recyclebank is set to do. Not only do they have tips and tricks on living green, but they have incentives so that you can feel good about recycling. You earn points at Recyclebank by recycling and taking pledges. It’s easy to earn points and you can redeem these points to buy coupons (valued higher than the regular newspaper coupons), gift cards, or magazine subscriptions. For example,to get a one-year subscription to Redbook, Whole Living, Better Homes and Gardens, you only need 115 points and it’s easy to get to 200 points. 

So, join Recyclebank today to get involved in making our world greener! It’s absolutely FREE to join!

Once you join, click on EARN REWARDS and play the Green Your School Challenge. Just the challenge earns you 110 points. After that, take other pledges on the page to earn more points. Once you receive at least 115 points, you can order a one-year subscription to the following magazines:

Better Homes and Gardens
Food Everyday
Good Housekeeping
Marie Claire
Midwest Living
Popular Mechanics
Siempre Mujer
Town and Country
Whole Living

Remember, you can earn enough points to order the above magazines in one day! I’ve already ordered mine. Join Recyclebank! It’s free so you have nothing to lose.

Note: Some programs are only for residents of certain countries. Make sure to check if it is available in your country.

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