Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to eat with your hand

Howdy! Here’s a tutorial that might be useful if a spoon or fork is not in sight.

I had lunch at my friend’s house a couple of weeks ago and I saw that she wasn’t shy about eating with her hand. I almost always eat with my hand at home, but I don’t do it if there are guests over. I realize that I need to get over my shyness because I really do enjoy eating with my hand. I feel like I am more aware of what I am eating because I can feel the texture of the food.

Now you can experience the pleasures of feeding yourself with your bare hands too!

I lived the first nine years of my life in Pakistan, where it is quite common to eat with one’s hand (yes, they have spoons there-but some people prefer not to eat with them). I also knew that our neighbors in India do the same. I recently found out that it is common in Sri Lanka too. Now I think it must be a common practice in many other places as well, despite the availability of eating utensils.

So, here we go.

Let’s say you want to eat this:


And you want to use this:


(1) Form a shape with your hand as if you are holding a baseball. Here, you can see it from different angles:

IMG00367 IMG00368

(2) Now, shrink the imaginary baseball until it’s as big as the amount of food you want to stuff in your mouth:

IMG00371 IMG00372


(3) Now, take some rice and form a little mound with the hand that has the tiny, imaginary baseball:


This is how it will look like:


You can add some meat or whatever else you eat your rice with:

IMG00378 IMG00379

(4) Pack it really tightly between your fingers:


(5) Then, pick up the rice with your fingers and you are ready to eat:





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