Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Day At the Bay

Yesterday, I was a front desk volunteer at Upper Newport Bay.


I answered a phone call, guided some people around the center, reunited a mom and child, played a movie for the kids, and played cashier for a little bit.

At the end, before leaving, I decided to buy some of the cool things that were there. I bought two “Quick Guides”; one about birds in Orange County and another about wildflowers in the O.C.

IMG00513 IMG00514

Then, since my mom is finally coming back today (after two months in Pakistan), I decided to greet her at the airport with a red-headed woodpecker by my side (obviously it’s a stuffed animal) so I bought an Audubon bird (with a real woodpecker bird call).

Meet Mr. Woodsworth:


Isn’t he cute?

Here are some more pictures of the area for your enjoyment:

IMG00450 IMG00452 IMG00455


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