Friday, July 9, 2010

Ten Things

Here are ten things about me that you probably don’t care to know, but since Sister Zaufishan had tagged me in my comments, I couldn’t give up this opportunity.

1. I should be studying right now. In fact, when I am supposed to be studiously looking over my textbooks and filling my brain with information, I end up going online and either reading other blogs, or writing a post myself.

[I am taking Human Anatomy at a community college because I need this as a pre-requisite for admission into optometry school. And this class has become a real challenge since it’s a semester’s/quarter’s worth of material crammed into 6 weeks.]

2. I got lost yesterday. Actually, I have this innate capability to get lost, even if I have treaded those same streets since the day I was born.

[I have a blog called Destination Orange County and there is a Library challenge that I have signed myself up for. I’m supposed to be visiting all the libraries in Orange County in the year 2010. Yesterday, I went to Seal Beach branch and got lost on my way there.]

3. I volunteer at the Braille Institute of America. I basically assist the teacher in one of the classes. The Braille Institute of America is a non-profit organization that conducts classes for the visually impaired. These classes are meant to help these students develop self-confidence and awareness so that they can live independently.

4. I also volunteer with an organization called Hospice Touch. I get assigned to an elderly patient that is terminally ill and visit her once a while in order to provide her comfort as well as social interaction.

5. I have signed up to be a volunteer at the Upper Newport Bay, where I will be helping with tour groups, as well as with other cool things.

[I don’t know exactly what I will be doing just yet, but there is a training held in July which I will be attending.]

6. I help out at the Golden West College garden. Basically, I weed and weed and weed, but love every bit of it.

[I mention these volunteering responsibilities so that maybe others can realize that there are so many different ways to help out in the community.]

7. I miss my mommie. Yes, I didn’t think it was possible. My ammi is visiting Pakistan after 6 years and she went alone this time. She left at the end of June and will come back at the end of August.


8. I love to sleep. I can never sleep enough!!

9. I love to eat. I eat everything! (unless I don’t eat it due to religious restrictions) I love buffets. I love Thai, Chinese, Mexican, American, Pakistani, Indian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Japanese cuisine. Note that these are what I could think of at the moment. Basically, I just love to eat.

10. When I become an optometrist, I want to work in either Vision Therapy, or Low Vision Therapy.


Anonymous said...

From these observations we can conclude the following:
1) You are a serial volunteer. Perhaps even addicted to volunteering.
2) You are prolly a serial sleeper as well?
3) We do have at least one thing in common, at least right now, I miss my mom too. ;(

Bubbli said...

wow mashAllah, where do u find the time to volunteer so much, i agree with abupokemon lol, ur probly addicted!

Nova Rusma said...

yes agree with abu pokemon! you're awesome :O
i hope i were a social person like you. lol im such a loner. BUT, as soon as i graduate high school, i'll try giving private lessons to middle or high schooler. i love teaching yay haha

Rukhpar Mor said...

@abu pokemon..ha!!yes and i am also a serial eater..i just finished the last remaining bit of chow mein that i had brought back from the restaurant to eat tomorrow....yum!!

@bubbli, I basically have no other job in my life except school plus this makes me feel a little more useful=) I didn't realize that this could actually be an addiction :O

@nova rusma, i am a very introverted person as well, but i forced myself to get out there...=)
High school is a pretty tough time, it'll get better once you are in college...inshAllah=)

Zarina Hassem said...

This is such an interesting post, Its great that you volunteer at all these different places, its amazing what volunteering can teach you, Masha'Allah may Allah always keep you the way you are now, hopeful, helpful and happy (except for missing your mum:), sure that makes you sad, hope the time flies until she returns)

Rukhpar Mor said...

Aww thank you sister Zarina=) You made me happy=)

.hopeful. said...

Oh so fun to know random facts about you! You seem like such a smart person mashallah!

Rukhpar Mor said...

Thank you only seems as such=)

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