Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Depression in Islam


I recently saw a video on the Islamic perspective of depression by Shaykh (scholar) Sulaiman Moola.

One problem that I have with the perspective of many Shyookh (plural of Shaykh) is the failure to acknowledge the clinical aspect of depression. Most Shaykh will tell you that depression is the cause of sin and vice. However, from my personal experience, I would like to tell you that this is not true. Yes, the way you think and act will have an effect on your brain, but for many people it is much more complex than that. For some, it is not something they can ‘control’ since their brain chemistry can actually be working against them.

Depression can have serious ‘side effects’-the worst being suicide. It is important, therefore, to stop and think before judging someone who might be depressed. Often times, individuals come to decisions about committing  suicide because they feel no one cares or understands them. It is our responsibility as members of this community to not allow this to happen because depression and suicide affects more than just the individual that is suffering. It affects the family and peers of the individual as well.

Let’s ask Allah1 to make it easy for us to cope with any problems that come our way and help us to get closer to Him. Ameen2.

1 Allah: God in Arabic

Ameen: Amen

For more information on depression, visit the following websites:


Psychology Today

WebMD Slideshow

Here are the videos:



Anonymous said...

Seems like a very interesting post.I'll come back to watch the videos,too.Thx for posting them :)!XO

Rukhpar Mor said...

JazakAllah Khayr sister. Yes, definitely watch the videos and make sure to check out the websites also.

Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum:

JAK for posting these. Depression is an important topic. Many Muslims think that psychological problems come from the Jinn or from sin. As you have written, this is not always so. I knew a young Muslim sister, 19 years old, who committed suicide. May Allah swt forgive her sins, grant her Mercy, and let her enter Jenna/Ameen. She was off her medication when she did this.

Rukhpar Mor said...

Walaykum Assalam Sister,

That is indeed a tragedy. There is so much stigma around depression, that people often are too embarrassed to seek help. I once read on a website that suicide occurs when pain exceeds resources of coping with pain.
The best way to combat this problem is to educate ourselves and those around us and InshAllah, build resources for those that need help.

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this..
this bugs me for sometimes too..
wa salam..

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