Monday, March 15, 2010

My New Love of Comics!

I found this Muslim lady who makes really cute comics about Muslim stuff. Her website can be found here.

I posted some of her comics on my facebook as well.

Now, here’s my attempt at a comic.

Since Muslims are not allowed to “date” in the Western sense, they have come up with various ways to find out more about their prospective mate. Among these include getting parents involved or perhaps a more complicated approach: asking a friend to go through a  friend who might be friends with the friend of the prospective mate=)



* Halal means permissible and it refers to the permissibility within the Islamic guidelines.


Rukhpar Mor said...

Forgive my grammer,I meant Halal step toward's'

socal muslimah said...

ahahahaha...this is good one...good job...
im waiting for more of these kind...
hey may i steal one of ur islamic quote of the

Rukhpar Mor said...

yes steal away! it is not mine to begin with=)
Sheikh Khalid Yasin said, "there ain't no copyright on Islamic knowledge."

Zaufishan said...

Lol, that's cute. JazakAllah khairan for the link love.
I shall promote this shamelessly.

Rukhpar Mor said...

JazakAllah khayr Zaufishan!

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Dear:

Cool comics! And JAK for the link to the sister's site.

BTW, there's no copyright on Islamic knowledge, but there is copyright on someone's work when they are presenting knowledge.

For example, if someone writes an article and Muslims gain excellent knowledge from it, the Muslim is not free to use it without the author's permission. One may quote from it under the "Fair Use" law, but attribution must be given the author.

I'm sure Brother Khalid wouldn't want me to reproduce one of his DVDs and call it mine, lol.

Rukhpar Mor said...

Walaykum Assalam,

oops. I used my other gmail account to reply to the comment.

Thanks for visiting.

I do agree that presenting articles/books as your own would be disliked by all scholars.

Keep coming back!!

MuslimFirst said...

Haha that's funny Rukhpar Behn-ji. :-)

I am currently approaching this part of life, though Amma+khala have already "made the move" so-to-speak.

Allah Hafiz for now.

Rukhpar Mor said...

Thank you MuslimFirst=)

So, then it's been made a little easier since the elder duo has made the move...The hardest part is convincing ammi and abba that you want to get married( at least in my case)...the rest will fall into place=)

JazakAllah Khayr for folowing=)
Allah Hafiz..

Abez said...

Lol... I remember taking that step at 16- thank God my parents said no!

Rukhpar Mor said...

haha....funny how things work out eventually... even my aunt once said that she's glad she didnt marry the person she liked at 17=)

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